PIONEER Plastic products to suite any industry!

Our plastic product range includes, Road Barriers; Drums and storage tanks; Stacking and nesting containers; Litter Bins and Recycling Bins; Mobile Toilet huts; Portable Toilet Huts, Bulk Handling Bins; Jetties; Truck Accesories ; 4×4 and Camping Equipment; septics tanks and many more… We custom mould products in many specialised markets: Agriculture, Advertising, Building and Construction, Chemical and Cleaning, Gardening, Leisure, Manufacturing and Mining, Marine, Medical, Transportation, Water Treatment, only to name a few. For more on the products that we either offer or can custom mould, please do not hesitate to visit our products page or contact us for more information. What is Rotational Moulding This process is unique amongst plastics moulding processes because the heating, shaping and cooling of the plastic all take place inside a hollow mould. Improvements in process control and developments of plastic powders over the past two decades have resulted in a significant increase in the usage of the rotational moulding process. Rotational moulding has inherent design strengths, such as consistent wall thickness and corners that are virtually stress-free. Inserts, threads, handles, surface detail and reinforcing ribs can all be part of the design. In many cases rotational moulding is the only process to produce a product.

“Pioneer Plastics is a leader in the Rotional Moulding industry and has been at the forefront of technology and innovation since 1982”


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