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3 Types of Buoys You Can Order from Pioneer Plastics

3 Types of Buoys You Can Order from Pioneer Plastics

The water may feel like you have free range to go wherever you like, and while that is somewhat true, there are still plenty of rules and guidelines you need to follow. It can get a bit complicated at times, so I will get right down to everything you need to know about buoys for marine navigation.

Buoys are the primary navigational tools that float on top of the water. If you are new to boating, think of these markers as the traffic lights and signs of marine travel. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours like cones, pillars, balls and tall cylindrical spars, and each type carries a unique meaning. At Pioneer Plastics, we manufacture high-quality buoys at affordable prices. You can choose from the following:

Round Buoys

Our round buoys come complete with a moulded lug to secure the cable or chain. To add buoyancy, they can also be polyurethane foam filled. We manufacture them in various colours and sizes range from 250mm to 600mm.

Pillar Buoys

These cone-shaped buoys have a moulded lug to secure the cable or chain. Similar to the round buoys, they can also be polyurethane foam filled to add buoyancy. Pillar buoys can be customised and fitted with navigational signboards. They are available in different colours, and the size is 1.3 metres.

Iala Buoys

The IALA Buoyage System is a worldwide standard sea mark system used in navigation to mark the edge channels. These road signs on the water are made up of five buoy types- cardinal, lateral,isolated danger, special and safe water marks. They also buoys form part of a project from the Department of Water Affairs for rivers and dams around South Africa. These buoys can be manufactured in different colours with various signs and markings depending on the unique requirements such as directional markers, special water markers and no-wake zones. It also comes complete with a lug to secure a cable and chain and can be foam filled for added buoyancy.

For more information, get in touch with the team or head over to the online shop to order your buoys today!

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