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Municipal Solutions

Improved Quality of Life

We have aided municipalities over the years with a wide range of products, assisting in many facets of life for those communities and supplying high- quality, long-lasting solutions, whilst enhancing service delivery to those that need it most.

Community shot with roads and housing with a blue Pioneer plastics bus shelter in the foreground

Environmentally and Socially Conscious

From a variety of litter and recycling bins that keep municipalities waste- free, to water tanks that support quality of life for the less fortunate, and bus shelters for local transport hubs, our products have had a noticeably positive impact on municipal communities.

Rural housing with a blue pioneer plastics road cone in the foreground

A Wide Variety of Available Solutions

We specialise in the following Municipal solutions: Road Barriers, Cones, Recycle Bins, Litter Bins, Buoys, Bus Shelters, Lockers, Compost Bins, and more.

rural house with washing hanging out side with a green Pioneer plastics litter bin in the foreground