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About Pioneer Plastics

At Pioneer Plastics we believe that anything is possible. This vision and belief has been the driving force behind our plastic manufacturing company since 1982 and is evident in every product we produce. By continuously investing in research and development we are able to design and manufacture plastic products for personal, commercial and industrial use. From drums and storage tanks to road barriers and truck accessories, Pioneer Plastics has a product that suits your needs. We are continuously growing our dedicated team and evolving our service and product offerings, including our in-house mould making facility which allows us to take any design idea from paper to product, bringing to life a wide range of custom plastic products. Our client list has kept growing over the last 37 years securing the Pioneer Plastics name as an industry leader.

Pioneer Plastics has the latest state of the art carousel rotational moulding machines, enabling us to make products from as small as 300 grams to as big as a 10 000 L Water Tank. Pioneer Plastics also has a Polyurethane foaming machine able to inject into cavities for insulation of cooler boxes, strength for doors as well as foaming of chairs and benches.

Pioneer Plastics has the first SMART machine in the southern hemisphere, able to manufacture the most complex parts, traditionally un heard of in rotational moulding. The Italian machine from Persico, with specific heating zones allows for the ultimate in product quality and control.

Pioneer Plastics is Level 2 BBBEE Compliant as well as ISO 9001: 2015 Certified. We have been SMETA Responsible Sourcing Certified to supply products to the likes of Coca Cola as well as the Walmart group. Pioneer Plastics is the first company in South Africa to be certified for the ARMSA tank standard (SANS 1738:2017)

Pioneer Plastics has won the ARMSA product of the year award for 8 years in a row as well as being the Capital City Business Chamber business of the year award finalist.