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Construction Site Solutions

Uniquely Tailored to the Construction Industry

Every part of the construction process requires the utmost safety and quality, which is why we have a wide range of products built with construction firmly in mind to ensure that compromise is never a consideration.

Construction workers on aa construction site with a yellow Pioneer plastics road barrier in the foreground

Ensure Staff Happiness and Efficiency

Our products are carefully designed to assist your staff. From portable site toilets and urinals, to road cones and barriers to shield both workers and pedestrians, to water storage tanks and lockers to cater for staff needs. Through our carefully considered solutions downtime and low morale are all but eliminated.

Architects looking at draughts with a black Pioneer plastics rubbel chute in the foreground

A Wide Variety of Available Solutions

For construction environments, we specialise in: Bins and Containers, Chemical Drums and Tanks, Horizontal Tanks, Hoppers and Conical Tanks, Outdoor Adventure Products, Road Barriers, Cones, Portable Toilets, Portable Urinals, Toilet Tanks and Pedestals, Toilets, urinals and wash basins, Water Storage Tanks, Rubble Chutes, Septic Tanks, Recycle Bins, Litter Bins, Chemical over drums, Bus Shelter, Lockers, Buckets, and more.

Construction workers on aa construction site with a blue Pioneer plastics buffalo toilet in the foreground