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5 Excellent Benefits of Floating Jetties

5 Excellent Benefits of Floating Jetties

You have two choices when installing a new dock on your property — permanent or removable. Permanent docks attach to the bed of your dam or lake and typically requires a costly and extensive installation. Removable floating docks are much more cost-effective, and faster to install.

A floating dock can be installed on a river, lake, dam or ocean. Floating docks adapt to the fluctuations of the water levels, unlike fixed docks. Floating docks can be made of metal, wood, or certain types of plastics, like polyethylene. Floating jetties contain secure, air-filled sections that allow them to float. Here's how installing a floating dock will benefit you.

Quick and Easy to Install

Floating docks take less time to be installed because they don't have to be fixed to the water bed.

Low maintenance

If you invest in quality floats, they will last many years since they can withstand even the most unrelenting weather. Floating docks are suitable for freshwater and saltwater use.


You can easily use Pioneer Plastic floats to customise your dock to suit your specific needs.


The materials we use to manufacture our floats will not burn your feet when walking on them. And thus are a safe choice if you want to keep the soles of your feet intact.


Floating docks are also non-slip and enable you to walk barefoot on them without the risk of any accidents.

Are you looking for a high-quality floating dock? For more information or to order your affordable floats, get in touch with the team at Pioneer Plastics today!

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