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5 Great Reasons to Start Composting Right Now

5 Great Reasons to Start Composting Right Now

Adding compost to your garden feeds your soil with various microorganisms and nutrients that improve plant growth. Compost also improves drainage, increases soil stability, and helps retain moisture.

Are you considering composting, but you're not sure how it will benefit your garden? Or perhaps you've been told that compost piles smell bad and attract pests. Despite all of that, here are five great reasons to compost so you can make up your own mind.

Composting Is Easy

How much effort does it take to dispose of garbage? A few minutes? As long as you understand what you can use for compost, you'll be fine. You can compost vegetable food scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, grass clippings, tree leaves and more.

And Very Affordable

Composting will cost you next to nothing, aside from the initial investment of your bin. As a landscaper or gardener, your compost pile will save you money by reducing your spending on yard waste removal and fertilizer.

You Want Your Garden to Thrive and Be Healthy

You won't find a better soil enhancer than compost. It helps sandy soils retain water and loosens clay soils. Most commercial fertilizers contain petroleum-based compounds, but compost doesn't. It also prevents pests and plant diseases. A composted garden produces higher yields of healthy flowers, fruits and vegetables.

You Want to Do Your Part for the Planet

Landfills are overflowing, and a large amount of the garbage consists of food scraps and yard trimmings. Landfills also cost a lot of money to maintain. Why not try composting instead?

You Can Easily Get Your Hands on Compost Bins

A 200l compost bin from Pioneer Plastics will set you back less than R800. This once-off investment will enable you to feed your garden the nutrients it needs while preserving our beautiful planet.

For more information about our compost bins or if you would like to place an order, get in touch with the team. Call us today!

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