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Adventure Holiday Season is Here!

Adventure Holiday Season is Here!

Ah, summer in South Africa. The perfect time to set off on an adventure holiday. Where will you go? To the beach, the bush—Botswana? Will you go Overlanding or camping? So many choices!

Fortunately, you don’t need to think twice about where to get the best camping, 4X4 and overland essentials.

Camping is Making a Comeback

Camping is making a comeback in South Africa, and we’re not just talking about conventional bush or beach camping. Glamping—5-star camping—is in high demand. Travel planners, who are only too pleased to see green shoots in tourism again, report an influx of requests for campsites with private bathrooms and other luxury amenities.

People of this persuasion may want to pack a few more creature comforts, which is where the large nose cone bin comes in handy. It adds extra storage space to the front of the trailer.

On the other hand, “off-the-grid” and eco-friendly camping are proving to be just as popular. People clearly want to enjoy nature the way it was intended and leave little to no carbon footprint while they’re at it.

4X4 Times the Fun

4X4 tours are a firm SA favourite. Our toddlers are taught “B for Braai and Bakkie”. There’s just something about the off-road that revs our engines.   

While traversing tricky terrain, there may come a time where sand or mud become slightly more than an obstacle. This is where the Pioneering Recovery Trax prove that they are worth their weight in gold—all 4.5kgs!


We love their durability and flexibility. Most of all, their scalability wins the crown. These trax are designed to link together to form a track as long as you need.

While we’re on the topic of soft surfaces, an often overlooked yet critical 4X4 component is a jack stabiliser plate. Kit out your trusty steed before you leave.


Geared Up Overlanding


From South Africa to Namibia, Botswana—or anywhere else in Africa, for that matter—be prepared for loooooong stretches without fuel stations. Ask any experienced overlander for advice, and you’re guaranteed to get these two answers:

  1. Fill Up Your Car! Don’t think you’ll make it to the next one. That might be 250km away if you’re going from Ceres and Calvinia, for example.
  2. Fill Up Your Jerry Can. Even if you fill up at every petrol station, not having extra gas on board is a big mistake.

Oh, you don’t have a jerry can? Get one. Seriously. We can’t stress its importance enough. There are numerous options available from 5-120ℓ.


Mmm, yes, so now your car has liquid refreshment, but what about you? If you get stuck, you might be able to go a while without food, but water is life. Ok, even if it is not a dire situation, you could wind up in places where the drinking water seems iffy. Save yourself the jippo guts.

A water tank will literally be a lifesaver. Consider packing in a hose kit for good measure too.



Remember our first favourite “B” word? There’s only so far padkos will get you before it sounds like you’re driving over rumble strips every 30 seconds.

A sturdy, super-insulated cooler box is a must-have. Especially when it comes to meat, you want something like the Pioneer 60 L Cooler Box, which can keep ice cold for up to four days!

Take Only Pictures, Leave only Footprints

The great outdoors is yours for the taking. Go wild, but go safe. This list only scratches the surface of the best travel accessories recommend by seasoned outdoor enthusiasts. Remember that you will need a quality medical kit, and when crossing borders, you always need insurance and identity forms.

We can’t help with the paperwork, but we have a wide range of camping and outdoor must-haves. These range from the fun, like a collapsible fire stand, to obscure but “flip, I’m so glad I brought a spare” 50 mm screw cap. We’ve got your back!

CTA: Every Pioneer started with a single step. Where will yours take you? Browse camping gear.


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