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Chemical Toilets 101: What You Need to Know

Chemical Toilets 101: What You Need to Know

Today, chemical toilets remain one of the most commonly known and widely used alternatives to a traditional toilet. The term 'portaloo' is likely to ring a bell with most people. Any person who has attended a festival, big event or even the local fair is bound to have encountered this type of chemical toilet - and might not have the most pleasant memories of it.

It is probably more due to the overcrowding at such events than to the general suitability of these toilets that this impression is formed. Chemical toilets not only possess a relatively neutral odour (except for the scent of chemicals), but they also don't need any kind of water connection, due to the additives used.

How Do Chemical Toilets Work?

The chemical toilet prevents and disinfects the bacterial decomposition process of urine and faeces by using chemical substances. This reduces or suspends decay and odour processes. In addition to onboard toilets of vehicles, portable toilets are also commonly used in garden sheds and mobile homes.

As a general rule, chemical toilets require very few accessories, and these are usually limited to chemical additives. They are available in the form of tablets, powders, or liquids. These differ primarily in the method of administration. Tablets are easily dosed and poured into the wastewater tank in one go, while powders and liquids require precise dosing. It is always wise to follow the manufacturer's instructions because an excessive amount of these substances doesn't improve or enhance their effect. You should always use toilet paper that quickly decomposes.

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