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Everyday hygienic sanitation solutions

Everyday hygienic sanitation solutions

The Coronavirus, and lockdown resulting from the virus in efforts to curb its spread in South Africa and many other countries, made us aware of good hygiene practices, and when lockdown ends, we still need to ensure we are safe.

The everyday good practice of washing hands with soap and water has been emphasised during the lockdown period. However, the habit of washing hands is one that should always be practiced, especially in our places of work.

“We spend the majority of our day at work spend and therefore keeping your staff safe should be an ongoing concern, not a short-term project. Hygiene solutions should be in place at all times, especially in places where there is high human contact, such as offices, factories and malls,” says Gary Wiid, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.

Pioneer Plastics has a range of hygiene solutions and accessories ideal for these areas, from hand basins to pedal bins. “Our hand basin range all come complete with a hands-free floor pump and clean water tank, while our pedal bin range allow for hygienic disposal waste and recyclables.

Pioneer Plastics’ range of hand basins start with a 20ℓ wash basin tank with a hands-free foot pump and fresh and dirt water tank. Its 40ℓ wash basin tank also has a hands-free foot pump and it has a freshwater tank, a removable water tank, and stabilising base plate.

Its’ bigger capacity stand-alone wash basins come in 180ℓ and 300ℓ capacity. The 108ℓ has a fresh and dirty water tank and hands-free foot pump. In addition, branding spaces are available on this stand alone wash basin.

The 300ℓ stand-alone wash basin has a removable tank with a hands-free foot pumps, three washing stations, a freshwater tank and removable water caddy.

The pedal bins come in three sizes: 25ℓ, 50ℓ and 90ℓ pedal bins.

Pioneer Plastics continuously invests in research and development; therefore, it is able to design and manufacture plastic products for personal, commercial and industrial use.

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