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How Septic Tanks Work and Where to Find Them in Pretoria

How Septic Tanks Work and Where to Find Them in Pretoria

Septic tanks treat sewage safely and are very popular in areas where drainage systems are inadequate or outside the sewer network. They work by collecting excrement and sewage in large underground tanks, which are mainly used in rural areas. Septic tanks are not widely used in urban areas because municipal and town waste is treated and transported by sewers and maintained by local water companies.

Basics of Household Septic Tank Systems

The septic tank has a simple design. It is an underground waterproof container (usually rectangular or circular) made of fibreglass, plastic, or concrete. The tank is connected to two pipes — an inlet and an outlet. The inlet pipe collects water waste in a septic tank and separates solid and liquid waste from each other. Outlet pipes, also known as drains, draw pretreated wastewater out of septic tanks and evenly distribute it to the ground and waterways.

After a while, the wastewater separates into three layers. The top layer, also called the scum, is made of fat and oil and floats above the waste. The middle layer is the waste particles along with the wastewater. The lower layer is heavier than water and is composed of heavy particles that form a layer of sludge.

Bacteria from the wastewater breaks down the solid waste inside the tank.  These bacteria disintegrate the solid waste quickly allowing the liquids to separate and drain away more efficiently.

High-Quality Septic Tanks Pretoria

Having a septic tank system offers many advantages for most rural homeowners. If you're looking for septic tanks between 1000 and 5000 litres, Pioneer Plastics can help. Our septic tanks are high-quality and affordable. For more information, feel free to speak to the team. Or place an order in our online store today.

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