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Hygienic hand basin sanitation solutions for every occasion

Hygienic hand basin sanitation solutions for every occasion

With the country moving into Lockdown Level 2 the need for everyone to follow good hygiene practices is more important than ever with the President appealing to South Africans to adhere to wearing their mask, maintaining social distancing, and washing their hands.

Remaining safe and guarding against a second peak will be key to the country moving forward.

In this regard the practice of washing our hands cannot be emphasised enough. It is a habit that has also seen not one reported case of flu this winter in the country.  

Hygiene solutions should always be in place, especially in places where there is high human contact. Pioneer Plastics hygiene solutions include their range of hand wash stations suitable for any occasion or sector.


With family visits of up to 10 people now allowed, being vigilant in our homes is a priority. “Continuing awareness at funerals and churches, which are limited to 50 people, must continue. Our range offers a solution for a family home or a community event,” says Gary Wiid, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.


Throughout the lockdown periods, some parts of the retail sector have been operating as an essential service and in lockdown level 3 most retail sectors opened. “Our products are used in all retail spaces from FMCG stores to clothing and furniture outlets as well as garage forecourts. What makes our products so especially useful in environments such as retail where many people enter a store, is the foot pump removing the need for contact with the basin,” says Gary Wiid, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.


Schools have been opened and then closed, then opened again and closed. It is the health of all learners, teachers and administration staff that remain the most important priority. However, with less than 50% of schools in the country having access to water, hand washing - a pivotal activity in fighting the virus – can be a challenge.

WHO, Director-General, Adhanom Ghebreyesus has stated this must be a major focus of government strategies for the safe reopening and operation of schools during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. “Access to water, sanitation and hygiene services is essential for effective infection prevention and control in all settings, including schools," says Gary Wiid, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.

“Our Pioneer Plastics a range of hand wash stations are suitable for schools of all sizes and includes a kiddie hand wash basin,” he adds.  


Tourism is a key sector for our country, and with inter-provincial now allowed, hotels, lodges, and BnBs are looking forward to welcoming visitors. Many South Africans are looking forward to travelling within the country’s borders after being limited to their own province for the past few months.

“Our hand basins come in a variety of sizes that can be utilised in the hospitality space very easily and they are easy to operate and to fill and clean,” says Gary Wild, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.


Eating out is one of the pleasures that South Africans welcomed back in lockdown level 3 and in lockdown level 2 it is anticipated that more people will begin to enjoy this activity once more.

“Hygiene is extremely important in this environment and by utilising our wash basin products, restaurants can assure their customers of this,” says Gary Wiid, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.

Pioneer Hand Wash Stations offerings start with simple Stand Alone Sanitiser Dispenser and include a Kiddie Hand Wash Basin and hand wash basins tanks of 20l, 40l and 90l and a 300l station with a stand-alone basin.

The range is extremely easy to operate. “A foot pump allows for simple, hygienic water flow activation. After applying soap, it is recommended you wash your hands for 20 seconds. Compress the foot pump to use water to remove the soap from your hands,” explains Wild.

The Wash Basin Tanks have a clean and a dirty water tank and are easy to clean and fill. The 300l Station has a removable water caddy. It allows for three washing stations.

“It is important that hygiene solutions are in place at all times, and we are pleased that we are able to help South African businesses make their customers feel safe through our range of hygiene solutions and accessories,” says Wiid. 

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