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Keep Your Food and Drinks Cold Throughout Your Summer Adventures with Quality Cooler Boxes

Keep Your Food and Drinks Cold Throughout Your Summer Adventures with Quality Cooler Boxes

Despite all the upheaval that has occurred in the past nearly two years, South Africans are looking forward to their annual summer vacations. The upcoming downtime is well deserved and will be thoroughly enjoyed.

It doesn't matter if you're an avid camper, a 4x4 enthusiast, or a beach lover who loves to relax for days on end, South Africans love spending time in nature. There's nothing more satisfying than putting a choppie on the braai after a day at the beach or in the bush.

There are, however, challenges associated with living outdoors, such as keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold. When out and about in nature this holiday season, a quality cooler will provide you with fresh foods and beverages. But before you head out to the store, here's why you should invest in a Pioneer Plastics cooler box.

High-Quality & Affordable Cooler Boxes in Pretoria

As a manufacturer of cooler boxes, Pioneer Plastics manufactures a wide selection of cooler boxes perfect for picnics, overlanding, and camping. Our polyurethane-insulated cooler boxes will keep ice for up to four days. Available in 50L, 60L and 360L sizes, with a variety of colours and branding options, they are made with sturdy moulded handles.

We make our cooler boxes from food-grade polyethylene, which is BPA-free and meets FDA food safety regulations. They are safe for any application.

Looking to go camping or overlanding with the best cooler box? Then you're at the right place. Get in touch with Pioneer Plastics for more information, or navigate to our online shop now to place an order. Make your summer adventure one to remember with high-quality and affordable camping gadgets from Pioneer Plastics.

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