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New enterprise development partners for Pioneer Plastics

Pioneer Plastics is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Empirical BDM Plastics (Pty) Ltd and Rallele Mabjala Trading and Projects CC in an attempt to assist these SMMEs as part of its enterprise development initiatives.

"A few months ago, the owners of these Level 1 BBE businesses contacted us to ask if we had any injection moulding work for them," explains Pioneer Plastics marketing director, Gary Wiid. "As we started to understand these businesses, we came to realise that they did not have enough work to cover their operating expenses during the COVID-19 lockdown. And this is how our partnership started. Pioneer Plastics offered for them to move their machine to our premises to cut their costs. Soon after that our management team became involved and assisted the companies with business plans, supplying them with raw materials, and our managing director attended prospect meetings with them."

[name surname], [position] at Empirical BDM Plastics (Pty) Ltd says that "Pioneer Plastics also helped us with financial support so that we focus on growing our business and getting more clients without being overcome and stressed financially about covering overheads every month." He is thankful for the support from Pioneer Plastics because, "as a startup business, financial stability is only possible if you have consistent and long-term contracts. Without their aid during lockdown, we would have been buried before we even started."

"SMMEs like us can only thrive and be successful in this unpredictable market if supported by big businesses," says [name & surname], [position] at Rallele Mabjala Trading and Projects CC. "The Department of Trade and Industry commissioned the development of the South African Automotive MasterPlan from 2016 – 2035 to bring equality to black-owned firms within the automotive supply chain. If big players in the industry support this and other government initiatives, SMMEs like us can penetrate the industry and enrich the South African labour market through job creation."

"We are thrilled to see these small businesses grow," concludes Wiid. "They are now making several parts for the packaging and automotive industry. We believe they can build on this success by achieving ISO 9001:2015 within the next year."

Pioneer Plastics intends to continue offering support to these businesses over the next few years because with the right help and encouragement, anything is possible.

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