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New top-of-range moulding machine for Pioneer Plastics

New top-of-range moulding machine for Pioneer Plastics

Pioneer Plastics, known for its custom moulding, is delighted to announce the addition of a Rotoline shuttle rotational moulding machine to its range of equipment. Over nearly 40 years, Pioneer Plastics introduced various moulding machines to its manufacturing plant, from machines made in-house in the early days to some of the most specialised machines available in the industry.

"The machine brings additional capacity to our factory," explains Gary Wiid, Marketing Director at Pioneer Plastics. "It will contribute to improved production processes, which will increase our productivity. The nature of the Rotoline rotational moulding machine will allow us to run more efficiently through temperature control and other monitoring methods. The addition of the new machine will further allow us to increase day-time production utilising our state-of-the art solar system, which contributes positively to the reduction of our carbon footprint.”

In short, the new shuttle machine will give Pioneer Plastics more flexibility to excel even further in producing custom moulded products. Although they manufacture over 1500 generic products, they can create almost anything, making them stand out from the competition. The capabilities of the Pioneer Plastics manufacturing facilities make it possible to produce complex products from as small as 10 litres to as big as 10,000 litres.

What makes custom moulding a specialised field is that it requires proficient expertise in design - mechanical and industrial - to create a functioning product of a prototype. "Once the client approves the design and budget, we build their custom mould, which we store at our facilities to manufacture their product on repeat order."

At Pioneer Plastics, it all comes down to superb quality products and excellent customer service. "Our team goes the extra mile for our clients," says Wiid. "And the addition of the new machine expands our ability to serve clients who require specific products. Our team live up to our slogan 'Anything’s Possible!' because we care for our clients and their undertakings. What matters to us is that we produce quality products for our clients on time, every time."

Wiid explains that the industry worldwide is experiencing supply and lead time challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. "As lead times get longer and importing increasingly troublesome, the new machine and the extra capacity it brings to our factory means that we can serve more clients while keeping lead times short. It will further support the local market as well as strengthen our export business because it allows us to expand beyond our current clients in Australia, the United States, and Europe."

With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, it is no wonder that Pioneer Plastics won the Association for Rotational Moulders of Southern Africa (ARMSA) Product of the Year Award for eight consecutive years.

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