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Office Solutions: Pioneer Plastics Has a Solution for Everyday Office Needs

Office Solutions: Pioneer Plastics Has a Solution for Everyday Office Needs

From our office to yours, we’ve made a list of our favourite office solutions that solve everyday problems. Maintaining some sense of order in our office works wonders for work productivity. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of office solutions and accessories to meet your workspace aesthetic, storage, and waste management needs (to name a few).

Take a look at our custom-made office solutions to improve your business, inside and out.

Bin it to Win it: Office Waste Management Solutions

Stop litter-laziness. Our litter bins come in sizes from 12ℓ for employees’ desks or up to 180ℓ for outdoors. Encourage a recycling culture by placing our colour-coded recycling bins in easily accessible areas throughout your office space. Our recycling bins are labelled to guide employees when placing their waste in the bin.

The Power of a Pot Plant

In keeping with the ‘green’ theme, why not incorporate indoor plants into your office? Flowerpots are the perfect office solution for drab workspaces, and the oxygenation from plants has been proven to pump-up office productivity. 

Other benefits of pot plants include reducing stress (believe it or not) and creating a happier work environment for employees.

The Luxury of a Locker Room

Lockers are a must-have for field, factory, and kitchen workers—or where hot desks have replaced the traditional private station. Workplace lockers provide security for staff’s valuable, personal belongings.  

From canteen to corridor, cloakroom, or construction site, we manufacture lockers for every application you can imagine. View our food, clothing, and multi-tiered lockers here.

What about the Water Crisis?

For most employees, a typical day in the office will involve multiple cups of coffee and perhaps a jug of water on their desk for easy glass refills. Let’s not forget visits to the bathroom. But operating an office in South Africa means you must always be prepared for any crisis, especially water-related ones.

While we’ve become accustomed to power outages, an office without water is a nightmare.

With our custom water storage tanks you can store water for those times when an unplanned water cut hits the office building. Reassure your staff that their workday can continue as usual thanks to our trusty water tanks, an essential office solution!

Options range from countertop and indoor tanks to large 1000ℓ & 5000ℓ outdoor tanks and rainwater harvesting systems, which can be fitted with pumps.

We are particularly fond of 25ℓ countertop water backup tanks for the kitchen. They are small enough to lift easily, nest neatly on top of each other, and have an easy-pour tap.

Chaos in the Car Park

While corporate office parks maintain relative order in the car park, the morning can be chaotic at factories and distributer premises. Loading trucks moving in and out among passenger vehicles, taxi drop-offs and pedestrians all around—there’s huge risk!

Ease the pressure at those high-traffic times using cones and barriers to protect pedestrians, demarcate lanes and direct the flow of traffic.   These are also a great way to keep your employees happy by allocating them their own parking spaces and avoid a morning fight 😉.

Ready to try our office solutions for yourself? Order from our online store, or contact us for a custom solution.


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