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Plastic Conical Tanks and Hoppers

Plastic Conical Tanks and Hoppers

When investing in tank storage, conical tanks are the way to go for many reasons. These type of tanks are far superior to other types of tanks because of their cone-shaped base. Because you will get a complete discharge of the stored product, you will eliminate the possibility of fungi and mould growth from residue that may get trapped inside. These tanks are very easy to clean.

When you store your product in a conical tank, it can be discharged without relying on auxiliary equipment, purely by its own gravity. The discharge effect is good and efficiency is high. If you want to reduce the amount of work needed to maintain your tank and the possibility of damage to the materials, conical tanks are an ideal solution.

When using a conical tank for beer brewing, you can expect a higher quality beer. This is because conical tanks reduce the risk of oxidation and infection. Single-vessel fermentation is the most effective type of homebrewing. And the fewer vessels you use, the fewer you will have to clean.


Plastic Hoppers and Conical Tanks Pretoria

At Pioneer Plastics we manufacture high-quality plastic hoppers and conical tanks at affordable prices. These are perfect for accessing grains and stored liquids such as water and chemicals. They are also ideal for brewing beer. Our tank sizes range from 80l to 1850l. We also supply our customers with tank frames and flow bins.

Our polyethylene hoppers and conical tanks are available with various outlet fittings and custom frames that can be made specifically for them. To ensure they meet FDA food safety regulations, we make sure they are easily cleanable, food-grade and BPA free. For more information about our products or to place an order, feel free to get in touch with Pioneer Plastics today.


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