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Portable Wash Basins

Portable Wash Basins

It is common knowledge these days that washing your hands regularly can protect you against everyday germs, but more recently we've discovered that it can also protect you against highly contagious diseases such as COVID-19. Portable washbasins are installed in factories, offices, schools and other public places to encourage people to wash their hands in the fight against Covid-19.

Benefits of Portable Wash Stations

The primary benefit of a portable washbasin is its mobility. As long as the floor surface is flat, you can use it. This makes it ideal for temporary setups and outdoor applications where there's no access to water and a wash area.

Portable washbasins are self-contained and can be used virtually anywhere. They have their entire plumbing and waste disposal system built-in. They also have their own water supply tank and wastewater reservoir so there is no need for plumbing access. You can equip your portable washbasin with an electric pump to carry the water from the clean tank and out through the tap for easy use. If you require hot water, you can also fit a heater. To recap, advantages of a portable wash basin include:

  • Convenience due to mobility
  • Built-in plumbing and water disposal system — can be used in areas with no access to water.

Durable Stand-Alone Plastic Wash Basins & Stations Pretoria

At Pioneer Plastics, we manufacture plastic stand-alone washbasins that are durable and affordable. They are ideal for use on construction sites, large events and anywhere with restricted access to running water. They are easy to clean and refill and come complete with clean and dirty water tanks. You can add a foot pump to activate easy and hygienic water flow.

Are you looking for an affordable hand wash solution in Pretoria? We can assist. For more information about our washbasins or to request a free quote, speak to the team today!

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