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Reap the Benefits of Affordable Custom Plastic Moulding in Pretoria

Reap the Benefits of Affordable Custom Plastic Moulding in Pretoria

Custom plastic moulding is the process of creating a unique mould to produce a product or part specific to your requirements. The benefits are endless, but there are some things to consider such as the initial investment once the mould is approved, and the time needed to produce an accurate prototype. Nonetheless, when you consider the pros and cons, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Here’s how custom plastic moulding could be beneficial to you. 

High-Quality Products

Plastic blends and formulations can be as strong as metal, and the custom plastic moulding process lends itself to the accurate, consistent production of products in volume. 

Rapid Production Speed

Plastic moulding is automated after the initial setup. It allows many parts and products to go through the entire production cycle in a matter of seconds. 


The mould is created in our in-house mould shop, making labour costs much lower after the initial setup. And with little, if any finishing required, it saves you time and money. 

High Accuracy

As a consistent, reliable and repeatable process with state of the art CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication, products are produced with high accuracy. 

Design Versatility and Flexibility

There's no end to the combinations of shapes, colours, materials, details, additives and finishes rotational moulding offers. Products can be branded with your logo.


Rotational moulding makes excellent use of manufacturing time with little finishing required. To improve material efficiency, scrap can be recycled and reused. 

Quality Custom Plastic Moulding Pretoria

At Pioneer Plastics, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality affordable plastic products. Take advantage of the experience and expertise of our skilled production and design team to reap the benefits of custom plastic moulding. We take great care to do things right the first time to keep your prototyping and tooling costs low while staying true to our commitment to excellent quality. 

For more information about our custom plastic moulding capabilities, or to request a free quote, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team. Call us today.

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