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Staff Absenteeism Hurting Your Bottom Line? How to Keep Your Employees Healthy Year Round

Staff Absenteeism Hurting Your Bottom Line? How to Keep Your Employees Healthy Year Round

It is impossible for your company to function properly without its employees. Your company's profit margin is directly influenced by their performance. Your business could lose money if they fail to perform. There are many effects that sick employees can have on your company, such as decreased productivity levels, spreading diseases to other employees, and having to miss work.

A safe and productive work environment is vital for the health and motivation of your employees. Not sure how to do it? To learn how to maintain a healthy and happy workforce, continue reading.

The Best Way To Keep Employees Healthy

Having a strong work ethic is always appreciated by employers, but sick employees should stay home to avoid aggravating their conditions. For your employees' sake as well.

It is important to encourage workers to wash their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to prevent illnesses from spreading in the workplace. A sanitiser stand is also a great addition to their hygiene routine.

Cleaning frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, countertops and workstations with cleaning agents or disposable wipes can also prevent germs from spreading.

South Africa's Most Affordable Portable Wash Basins

It can be difficult for employers to manage employee health and wellbeing in rural schools or large factories where running water is a luxury. A portable washbasin for your premises can help combat this issue. It is possible to reduce the spread of diseases by strategically placing washbasins.


Pioneer Plastics manufactures washbasins in various shapes and sizes to meet your individual requirements. A sanitiser stand can also be added to our basins for additional protection.

Protect your employees' health and your bottom line with affordable hygiene and sanitation products. Get in touch with Pioneer Plastics right away!

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