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The Basics of Septic Tanks and Where to Find Them in Pretoria

The Basics of Septic Tanks and Where to Find Them in Pretoria

In areas without sewers or where drainage systems are insufficient, septic tanks are very popular as a safe way to treat sewage. Large underground tanks collect excrement and sewage, commonly used in rural areas. Septic tanks are not commonly used in urban areas because municipal and town waste is treated and transported by sewers.

Septic Tanks for Households: The Basics

In a septic tank, a waterproof container is placed underground (usually circular or rectangular) connected to two pipes – an inlet and an outlet. It is made of fibreglass, plastic, or concrete. In a septic tank, water waste is collected in the inlet pipe and separated from solid waste. Septic tanks use outlet pipes to draw out pretreated wastewater and distribute it evenly to the ground and waterways.

 There are three layers to the wastewater, depending on how it separates. The first layer, known as scum, is made up of fat and oil that floats on top of the waste. The middle layer consists of waste particles and wastewater, while the lowest layer consists of sludge, which is heavier than water.

 As soon as the liquids have been separated from the solid waste, bacteria in the wastewater disintegrate the solid waste inside the tank, dissolving it quickly in order to allow the liquid to drain out.

Pretoria's Best High-Quality Septic Tanks

Septic tank systems provide many advantages to rural homeowners. You can count on Pioneer Plastics if you need a septic tank between 1000 and 5000 litres. We provide high-quality septic tanks at an affordable price. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us. We now have the option for you to order online as well.

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