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Want to Cook Delicious Meals While Camping? You Need This!

Want to Cook Delicious Meals While Camping? You Need This!

So you eat a varied diet at home because your beautiful gas stove and oven allows you to cook delicious meals. But, what happens when you go camping? Contrary to popular belief and apologies to anyone who prefers it that way, but you don't have to braai every single night when camping.

Ok, now that you've processed what I just said, you're probably wondering how you too can make tasty meals while out in nature. It's easy! You need a camping oven.

Camping ovens have become extremely popular in recent years because the possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor cooking. First off, you don't need electricity or gas to use your camping oven. All you need are some hot coals on top to cook food evenly.

How Does a Camping Oven Work?

The first step is to make a fire and get some hot coals. Once they are ready, you place the camping oven on top of the hot coals while leaving some to add on top. The cast iron heats up and evenly distributes the heat inside the oven to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked.

What Can You Cook in a Camping Oven and How Long Does It Take?

You can cook anything inside a camping oven. If you're making stew, the meat will cook anything from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the size of the meat. Potatoes and veggies will take around 45 minutes to cook, so only add them in when your meat is nearly ready. Make sure you check the oven temperature every 30 minutes and add more hot coals to keep the temperature consistent.

Where Can I Get One?

Pioneer Plastics are proud manufacturers of high-quality camping ovens, so if you want to order one for your next camping trip, head on over to our online store today!

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