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Why Plastic Delivery Bike Boxes Make Business Sense

Why Plastic Delivery Bike Boxes Make Business Sense

Thanks to online shopping (cough—and lockdown), express home delivery demands in South Africa are surging! No doubt, delivery bikes are the most affordable and faster method of delivery, but have you considered that your choice of delivery bike box material can save your business money too?

The Benefits of Plastic for Your Motorcycle Delivery Top Box

Your motorbike’s top box can be a make-or-break to your delivery service. Think about it. Your customers need to receive their items in good order—especially with foodstuffs—while you need the most time and fuel-efficient operation possible. That’s where the beauty of plastic rotational moulding saves the day!

Motorcycle Delivery Box Design in Any Shape or Size You Can Imagine

Custom moulding caters to all your branding and function requirements.

Externally, eye-catching shapes enhance brand memorability (think about your favourite black and white pizza franchise 😉).

Internally, you can design a delivery bike top box with particular specs to suit specific types of deliveries.

  • We can include grooves, dividers and compartments to keep certain goods upright for food and drinks or separate delicate items in the case of fragile gifts.
  • You might want a bike top box with a lining in which you can place ice packs for cold-chain delivery, as we have seen with pharmaceuticals. Laboratories often require express delivery of urgent samples that, too, must remain cold.
    • Psst! Did you know that we have a Polyurethane foaming machine that can inject into cavities for high-performance insulation of cooler boxes and top boxes?
  • Perhaps you need a box big enough to fit large pizza boxes and a 2-litre cool drink. We can do it!

Superior Material for Short- and Long-Term Savings

It’s no secret that rotationally moulded plastic products are the superior choice for delivery bike boxes. Unlike their steel or fibre-glass counterparts, plastic is the most reliable material to protect your valuable cargo.

  • Don’t carry any extra weight (and therefore use more fuel) than necessary.
  • Durable. Manufactured following the processes of our ISO 9001:2015 system, the plastic is super-strong.
  • Corrosion-resistant. No rust and, therefore, no possible contamination.
  • A good wipe or spray down is just about the only maintenance needed.
  • Temperature control. Plastic does not conduct heat nor cold, but it is an excellent insulator! This is the perfect solution for food delivery!
  • Blocks out the light. If you have light-sensitive goods, your plastic delivery bike box will protect it.

Manufactured to Fit Your Bike Fleet

We can create a custom delivery top box for any delivery fleet you own, from courier bikes to delivery scooters and, of course, motorcycles.

The problem with standardised off-the-shelf boxes that you might find at warehouse retailers and the likes is that they don’t always provide a “comfy-fit”. That makes driving awkward and possibly dangerous due to distractions.

Ensure the safety of your drivers, your assets and your goods with a custom-fit box made to fit your courier bikes, scooters or motorbikes.

Specialised Motorcycle Top Box and Bracket Manufacturing

You’ve probably guessed by now—we’re the brand behind many well-known delivery services throughout South Africa. We’re not at liberty to spell them out, but let’s say that if you’ve needed some bottles dashed to your home in record time, Pioneer Plastics was there.

Our complete solution includes specialised motorcycle delivery box brackets as well. We can also manufacture delivery bike boxes with reflective decals, branding and sticker application.

Choosing the Best Delivery Bike Box for Your Business

Perhaps a custom solution is not entirely within your reach, or you need to hit the ground running. Consider our MKIV Box  which is our most popular seller. You might recognise its design and shape! It is the first choice for South Africa’s largest online retail pharmacy and SA’s most popular fast-food delivery service.

If you’re not just looking for delivery bike boxes for sale but want a turnkey service, we’d be happy to put you in touch with an esteemed client whose business can help you. South Africa works better when we support local, so it’s the least we can do.

Expertise On-Demand. We’re always happy to help other South African businesses thrive. So, we’re delighted to consult wherever you need expert advice. Chat with us about your delivery bike box needs
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