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Camping and 4x4 Solutions

Ideal for any Activity

Whether you're planning a road trip, camping, or simply heading out for a quiet picnic, we have a range of products to enhance the activity.

Pioneer plastics branded vehicle with a red Pioneer plastics fuel tank in the foreground

No Journey too Long

With a range of water tanks, fuel tanks, trailers, and storage bins. No matter how far you're travelling, our durable and rugged products are sure to stay in perfect condition and accompany you throughout your journey.

Couple hiking in the woods with a blue Pionee rplastcis water tank in the foreground

A Wide Variety of Available Solutions

We specialise in the following 4X4 and Camping solutions: Water Storage Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Jerry Cans, Battery Boxes, Trailers, Cooler Boxes, and more.

Family camping in  the evening sitting around a camp fire with a white Pioneer plastics cooler box in the foreground