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Low Cost Housing Solutions

A Smart Alternative

The cost of dignified living should never be unsustainable, which is why we offer a range of cost-effective, strong, and durable alternative solutions that provide more practical usage than standard measures and are ideal for low-cost housing.

low cost housing with a green Pioneer plastics water storage tank in the foreground

Longer-Lasting, Smart Design

Our range of sanitary fixtures focus on replacing standard porcelain with durable, longer-lasting plastic alternatives, whilst our water storage and rain harvesting solutions are ideal for low-cost housing of any size and ensure basic living conditions are maintained long-term.

low cost housing with a grey Pioneer plastics septic tank in the foreground

A Wide Variety of Available Solutions

We specialise in the following Low- Cost Housing solutions: Toilets, urinals and wash basins, Water Storage Tanks, Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Septic Tanks, and more.

signing of a bond of a house with a grey Pioneer plastics urinal in the foreground