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Cold Weather Happiness Hacks

Cold Weather Happiness Hacks

Here are some happiness hacks to help you through the cold weather.

Short days and cold weather can be a downer—even if only a few months of winter are left. Here's the best way to see out the season, keeping things warm and cosy.

Staying Indoors in Cold Weather

Yes, yes, we love the great outdoors. But, when it's freezing—in other words, under 16° 😂—it's best to stay inside.  

So, what will see you through the last of the winter months? Here are our happiness hacks in a nutshell:

Intrigued? Let's get dive into the details.

1. Store-To-Door Delivery to Save Time and Energy

Bundling up to go outside, brave the cold weather (and even colder refrigerator aisles), queue, and carry can take up precious time.

It's no wonder that food & grocery delivery has exploded to a 2.1 billion Dollar market!

South Africa Online Food Delivery Market 2023 projection as per Statista

That's just food, but you can also shop for pharmaceuticals, clothing and gifts from your couch.

With all these goods in transit, reliable bike boxes are in high demand.

Pioneer Plastics Delivery Bike Box 

Did you know we've been manufacturing delivery bike boxes for 40 years? You'd be surprised how often Pioneer Plastics has been behind your home delivery.

We won't name-drop, but let's say there's a custom bike box design for a "dapper" pizza chain we know you'd recognise. 😉

2. Expand your Home without Renovating

You can keep a cool head in the cold weather by tackling home projects that usually get put off in favour of camping, skiing and other away-from-home experiences.

The first one I recommend is decluttering. This simple exercise busts boredom uplifts your mood, and, best of all—frees up space! The most effective way to declutter is to move things off the floors. Shelving and wall-mounting go a long way to instantly (and affordably) face-lifting a room.

Go to the garage first. Neaten up by placing tools, pool parts, sports gear and more in cupboards and on shelves (stacking boxes work well here).

You can even mount bicycles along with shoes, cleats and helmets for a super sleek look. Protect your precious wheels from damage while enjoying the convenience of no longer shimmying past all the time.

Pioneer Bicycle Mount

3. Ingeniously Insulated Igloos Win Winter!

If you HAVE to leave the house 😊 then there's an Igloo awaiting.

The science behind the igloo design is fascinating. The dome shape helps to keep inside temperatures warmer than outside. This is part of the inspiration behind our Igloo housing and storage solution.

Double-skin polyethylene panels are weather resistant and invulnerable to rot, mould and other degradation. They are relatively light compared to other building materials, yet just as sturdy—oh, wait, did we mention that they hold up well against fire too?

Pioneer Igloo Housing Solution

Being strong and easy to construct makes the Igloos an excellent option for:

  • Temporary housing
  • Construction site offices
  • Workshops, and
  • Storage facilities

And the biggest bonus of all? You won't overheat in summer. The structure's shape strategically placed windows, and a door keep temps cool (and pleasant).

Staying In is Easy with Pioneer Plastics

From these ideas to starting hydroponic gardening, recycling, composting and a rainwater harvesting system—Pioneer has everything you need.

We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting, affordable, practical products to see you through every season.

Which home hack made you the happiest? Let us know on any of these socials Facebook | Instagram

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