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Top-Three Winter Must-Have Pioneer Plastics Products

Top-Three Winter Must-Have Pioneer Plastics Products

Making the most of South Africa’s winter months is easy with Pioneer Plastics! Here are three products for your household and pets that will create warmth this winter season.

What Months Are Winter in South Africa?

South Africa's winter is thankfully mild compared to other countries. Apart from the Western Cape, we have clear sunny days and low rainfall. Though temperatures drop significantly at night, the days are pleasant.

For these reasons, our seasons confuse people around the world and even many South Africans. Did you know that there are thousands of Google searches for "When does Winter start?" and "When does Winter end?".

Autumn is officially March, April, and May (but many agree March & April are still warm). Our winter months are June, July, and August. So, here's the easiest hack to remember them - South Africa's cold months don't contain the letter ‘R’.

Making the Most of SA's Winter Months

There's no shortage of ways to enjoy winter in South Africa. The days are sunny, but the wind brings the chill factor. Despite this, no rain means you can still venture outdoors without hassle.

There’s plenty to keep you busy and entertained at home with Pioneer.

Keeping Warm in True South African Winter Style

South Africans are so geared towards summer that when winter rolls around, we are surprised that it is cold. 😂

No matter what, we will still find a way to socialise outside. And that's where the Pioneer Fire Stand comes in!

The collapsible fire stand is small but mighty and packs neatly into a hinged carry case. You easily pack it on your next adventure or use it to heat up your outdoor entertaining area. ️‍🔥

The fire stand has a base plate and a loose-fitting grid that fits on top for use as a standalone braai. It’s a fantastic option for folks living in townhouses and smaller complexes where there might not be space for a permanent structure.

Protect your Pets Against the Cold of the Winter Season

We have the perfect way to keep your furbabies warm during these lower temperatures!

It shouldn't surprise you that polyethylene plastic is the perfect material for dog kennels. It insulates incredibly well, protecting pets against the icy old wind while retaining warmth. It is odour resistant and only requires a wipe or rinse to keep it clean inside and out. Check it out the dog kennel range here.

We've embellished one of our models with side pots for flowers that give it a homey feel. If you prefer a simple kennel, the other model only weighs 9 kg, so you can easily carry it inside a garage or courtyard if needed.

An Easy Way to Keep Fresh Produce in Low Rainfall Months

The winter season is the perfect time to start your hydroponic garden. It's sustainable, eco-friendly, and a great indoor activity! Starting now means that you'll have yummy ingredients in time for next season!

There's a long list of what you can grow with hydroponic gardening. Here are just a few:

  • Peppers (sweet and hot).
  • Oregano.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Strawberries.
  • Green Beans.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Basil.
  • Lettuce.
  • Parsley.
  • Garlic.
  • Chives.

Besides having fresh ingredients on hand all year round, another benefit of hydroponic gardening is that your produce isn't vulnerable to adverse weather or rodents.

Don't worry about where to start! We have everything you need with this easy beginners guide and tools for the trade.

Home Improvements to Consider During South African Winter

In Gauteng, no rainfall makes South Africa's winter months the opportune time to do projects around the home, like painting and installing a rainwater harvesting system. But don't think the Western Cape is excluded. You can still do indoor renovations with the bonus that builders might be more flexible on pricing during their "low season."

What are your favourite winter activities? Let us know on our social channels! Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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