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5 Ways Plastic Road Barriers Can Be Used to Your Benefit

5 Ways Plastic Road Barriers Can Be Used to Your Benefit

While the typical motorist may not notice the roadside barriers, the truth is that these barriers can save lives. New Jersey type Road barriers can either be concrete or plastic.

Barriers, manufactured from high-quality polyethylene, can limit the damage caused by car accidents significantly or even prevent them from happening at all. Plastic barriers can be filled with water or sand, thus making car crashes less severe. They are often a more viable option, even compared to concrete barricades. New Jersey type Plastic barriers can be used to improve roadway safety, navigate parking installations and crowd control.

Advantages of Plastic Barriers

In addition to their enhanced safety capabilities, water or sand-filled barriers offer various other benefits.

Quick Set up Time & Greater Portability

Plastic barriers require less time to set up than their concrete matches. Because they are lighter than traditional concrete barriers, they are easier to move, thus more portable.


Plastic moulding is more affordable, which is why most companies prefer this alternative to concrete barriers.

Offer Better Visibility

Grey concrete barriers can sometimes be tough to spot, while plastic barriers are typically bright yellow or orange.


Plastic barriers are manufactured from high-quality, UV stabilized polyethylene, making them extremely durable, yet safer for drivers should they crash into them.

Used In Multiple Ways

The uses of plastic barriers are endless. It can be used as safety barriers along highways and construction sites or used to create forklift areas and karting tracks.


Nesting barrier ideal for transport

The nesting road barrier has the added benefit of nesting for transport to and from construction sites as well as being able to nest the barriers for storage while the barriers are not in use. The nesting barrier can also be filled with sand or water.

High-Quality Plastic Road Barriers

At Pioneer Plastics, we don't just sell barriers, but we manufacture them and guarantee their quality and durability. Our barriers undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can endure adverse weather conditions. They are available in 150L & 300L options and can be filled with sand or water.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with the team at Pioneer Plastics. Let us help you safely navigate your way. Call us today!

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