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Aesthetically pleasing and efficient to enhance every garden

Aesthetically pleasing and efficient to enhance every garden

The Pioneer Plastics’ 500l rainwater tank is the perfect addition to every garden and outdoor space as the aesthetics of the tank mean it will enhance this space and  does not need to be hidden away while the operation of the rainwater harvesting system is simple, but efficient.

With our country’s great summer climate, South Africans look forward to spending their time outdoors enjoying the warm weather in their garden. However, a gorgeous garden requires work, especially when it comes to keeping your garden watered.

While this might seem obvious, Pioneer Plastics recommends you water your garden in the morning. When you water your garden in the evening it can encourage fungus growth. Also rather water your garden twice a week very well than every day. If you have pot plants make sure they also get enough water as pots can get extremely hot.   

In South Africa water is also a precious resource. Be aware of water restrictions in your areas checking on when and how you can water your garden. A good idea is to invest in a rainwater tank, which will harvest rainwater for your garden regardless of any restrictions.

The problem with rainwater tanks is that they are often not very pretty and need to be tucked away out of sight. Pioneer Plastics’ 500l rainwater tank is in face a plant holder with the ability to harvest rainwater making it the perfect solution as it will blend in with any outdoor space.

Its sandstone colour complements any outdoor colour set up, and its 20mm brass tap completes this pleasing look. This product is also made of a 100% recyclable UV stabilised material.

The rainwater collection system is a simple collection and storage system that utilises an attachment onto your gutter to collect rainwater which is then stored to be used when needed. The integrated plant bowl has a built-in drainage pipe, ensuring it does not contaminate the stored rainwater.

A leaf catcher is provided as part of the system to prevent debris from the gutter from falling into the tank, while a gutter cover aligns the gutter pipe above the tank.

The rainwater tank itself has an inner black lining to prevent algae growth with an overflow and a ¾” outlet at the bottom of the tank which can be connected to a water pump. For easy access to the tank, it also has a ¾” tap.

The Rainwater Tank weighs 18.0 kg, is 850mm (length) x 850mm (Width) x 1,480mm (Height).

In addition to a rainwater tank you can also use mulch which will help the soil to retain moisture. Alternatively, you can use water retention granules, peat, vermiculite, perlite, or clay aggregate. Keep your garden clear of weeds and remove any diseased, damaged, or dead debris so your plants get all the water.

Follow these tips to enjoy a vibrant garden and outdoors space that you can enjoy all summer long.

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