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Are Wooden or Plastic Containers Better for Your Business?

Are Wooden or Plastic Containers Better for Your Business?

It is true that wooden crates provide inexpensive storage, but they are also more vulnerable to damage than plastic crates. Aside from being highly sensitive to moisture, wood also contains a risk of mould growth, and is known to crack and break over time.

In addition to being inexpensive, plastic storage containers are long-lasting, which makes them a more cost-effective choice for warehouse workers. These advantages include the following.

Cleaning Is Easy

Traditionally, wooden crates have been susceptible to moisture damage and have lost their integrity because they are porous. Plastic containers, however, are water-resistant and easy to clean. Empty plastic containers can be cleaned with soap and water. They also maintain their appearance.


For warehouse managers concerned about their budgets, plastic containers are a cost-effective option that is easy to use and inexpensive to purchase.

Strong and Durable

High-quality plastic containers are impact-resistant and can withstand the tough handling of warehouse workers, including forklifts and other heavy equipment. While plastic containers cannot compete with metal containers, they are usually not necessary.

Lower Risk of Accidents

Compared to metal shelves, plastic containers are light and easy to carry. These days, many plastic containers are equipped with non-slip bottoms to keep them from bumping and falling. To maintain the health of your employees, plastic containers allow you to store and transport your products safely and reduce the amount of damage.

Easy to Maintain

Plastic containers require no special maintenance other than easy cleaning.

An Efficient Storage System

Stackable plastic containers can reduce clutter on the floor of your store or warehouse. Many plastic containers can be stacked, so you will be able to make better use of your warehouse's available storage space.

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