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Camping Gear 101: Are Plastic Battery Boxes Really Necessary?

Camping Gear 101: Are Plastic Battery Boxes Really Necessary?

When camping, you need batteries to keep things like lights and appliances running. Your battery will do a lot of the heavy lifting when you're off the grid and should be protected as much as possible.

A battery box is a vital piece of gear that will protect your battery from external elements. It’s usually made of corrosion-resistant, lightweight material and protects your battery from battery acid leaks, UV exposure, water and gas. While the battery box might be lightweight, the material used to manufacture it is robust and can protect your battery against undesired liquids. This plastic box is essential because it protects your lifeline. Without it, you may very well lose power and end up getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you don't want your next camping trip to turn into something nightmares are made of, it's best to invest in proper gear and protect your battery at all costs. So, to answer your question "Are battery boxes really necessary?", here are our top reasons to invest in one.


As we've mentioned before, your battery needs protection from corroding elements such as water to prolong its usable life. Plastic battery boxes are the most affordable method of protecting and securing your battery during camping trips.


Plastic battery boxes prevent the terminals from getting in contact with metal elements that can cause short circuits. Because the battery connections are sealed, you can rest assured that your battery is protected and safe.

Another thing to consider is that batteries on high charge and deep cycle batteries give off gas (hydrogen). A plastic battery box will help to contain the gas.

Invest in some high-quality plastic battery boxes and protect your batteries so you can enjoy your camping trip to the fullest. For more information get in touch with Pioneer Plastics or place your order online.

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