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How Portable Toilets Can Benefit the Environment in a Massive Way

How Portable Toilets Can Benefit the Environment in a Massive Way

Portable toilets, while not as elegant as your traditional toilet, offer significant advantages to the environment. And because of innovations in the fields of technology and industrial science, portable toilets today are far superior to past generations when it comes to disease and odour control. Below are some of the most notable ways portable toilets can help protect our planet.

Save Water

While the earth is covered by 70% water, not all of it is fit for consumption for various reasons. Droughts and water shortages are common in South Africa and throughout the world, so being mindful of your water usage is always a good idea. Portable toilets use significantly less water per flush than any traditional toilet.


Provide Proper Waste Disposal

It is common knowledge that townships in South Africa don't come equipped with decent sanitation. Human excrement often carries harmful microorganisms, and if not disposed of properly, it can spread diseases to other humans and contaminate water sources.


Reduce the Risk of Spreading Diseases

Humans are not the only species susceptible to diseases spread through toxic waste, but animals as well. Portable toilets help to accommodate natural body functions to eliminate the risk. Portable toilets are perfect for use In areas where sanitation isn’t available like construction sites and townships.


Protect the Environment from Toxic Waste

Contaminated water bodies will promote the growth of waste-borne parasites which will lead to poor public health. Flies are very attracted to human waste and can spread the disease like wildfire. Portable toilets in areas where sanitation is not available will protect the public from spreading toxins to the environment.

High-Quality Portable Toilets South Africa

Portable toilets need to be robust to handle high volumes of human traffic at schools, construction sites, rural areas, townships and large gatherings such as sports events and concerts. If you are looking for portable toilets that are both sturdy and affordable, Pioneer Plastics can help! For more information about our different types of toilets, or to request a free quote, get in touch with the team. Call us today!

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