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Top Reasons to Invest in Portable Wash Basins

Top Reasons to Invest in Portable Wash Basins

If there's one thing we've learned from Covid 19, it's that washing your hands regularly is imperative. It protects us from highly contagious diseases. To combat Covid-19, mobile washbasins are installed in factories, offices, schools and other public places.

Portable Wash Stations Offer Many Benefits

A portable washbasin's primary advantage is its portability. You can use it anywhere there is a flat surface. Because of this, it's ideal for temporary setups and outdoor applications without water and wash facilities.

Portable washbasins are easy to transport, convenient, and can be used almost anywhere. They are equipped with their own plumbing and waste disposal system. There is no need for plumbing access because they have their own water supply tank and wastewater reservoir. For convenient use, the water can be carried from the clean tank through the tap into your portable washbasin with the help of an electric pump. A heater can also be fitted if you require hot water. In summary, portable washbasins have the following advantages:


  • Mobility provides convenience
  • Built-in plumbing and water disposal system that can be used without water.

Wash Basins Pretoria Made From Durable Plastic

We manufacture durable and affordable plastic stand-alone washbasins at Pioneer Plastics. Construction sites, large events, and places without running water are ideal locations for these systems. Clean and dirty water tanks are included and they are easy to clean and refill. By adding a foot pump, it is easy and hygienic to activate the water flow.

What is the best hand wash solution in Pretoria that is also affordable? Let us help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our washbasins or to request a free quote.

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