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Traffic Cones 101: What Are They and How Do I Use Them?

Traffic Cones 101: What Are They and How Do I Use Them?

Traffic cones are cone-shaped plastic markers used to redirect foot or road traffic. You can also use them to warn of possible hazards or to designate safe areas.

Cones may be used internally or externally. To make them visible outside, traffic cones are typically orange or red coloured with white horizontal stripes. Since they are reflective, they are also easy to spot at night. Inside, yellow cones are used to notify the public of hazards.

High-quality traffic cones are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Cones are available in various heights to suit your requirements. 

Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Cones

  • High visibility even on dark days and at night
  • Orange or red with white reflective stripes
  • Warn of dangers and hazards, road accidents, road lane changes, road works and redirect traffic
  • Used on pedestrian areas, footpaths, and constriction areas warning of hazards and danger
  • Used to designate safe areas for children playing
  • Portable, free-standing, stackable
  • Used in all weather conditions
  • Extremely durable
  • The 1.8m cone is ideally suited to open pit mines and shopping centers.

Both internal and external traffic cones can be used to cordon off areas not open to the public. Hazard warning tape (white and red or black and yellow) is typically attached to the top of several cones to block a specific area signifying restricted entrance or no entry.

Affordable, High-Quality Traffic Cones

At Pioneer Plastics, we manufacture premium traffic cones in various colours and sizes — from 150mm To 1.8m. The 1.8m cone also has 8 panels for reflective strips or branding. We take great pride in offering our products at competitive prices. For more information about our products or to request a quote, get in touch with the team at Pioneer Plastics today.
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