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Why You Need to Get on Board with Saving Water Right Now

Why You Need to Get on Board with Saving Water Right Now

Have you ever wondered why we need to save water when it covers approximately 70% of the earth? The truth is our planet is covered by saltwater which isn't fit for consumption by humans or animals. To make matters worse, most of this water is trapped in glaciers which obviously should not melt if we want to maintain earth's climate. 

We can only consume around 2.5% of all water on our planet, making it crucial to save water wherever we can. With recent droughts, water storage solutions such as water tanks have become more inventive and affordable.

Benefits of Using Water Tanks

While storing water and reusing it for other purposes will help you preserve the environment, there are many other benefits related to harvesting rainwater in storage tanks.

Have Water During Droughts

South Africans are susceptible to water shortages and droughts. Storage tanks will enable you to have a constant water supply that can be purified and used for different purposes. 

Lower Monthly Water Bill

You can use rainwater for your garden, to wash clothes or dishes and even your car. Various water treatments are available to purify the water and make it safe for human consumption.

Municipal Backup Water Storage

When municipal lines are out of order, water isn’t readily available. Backup tanks for municipal use will ensure uninterrupted water supply and reduces reliance on regulated water.  

Decrease Chances of Flooding

During periods of heavy rain, water settles on the surface because the natural water table can't hold the amount of water coming down. Flooding can lead to landslides and extensive damage. Water tanks can help you store excess water to be used when needed.

Saving water is highly beneficial in many ways, and if you aren't doing it yet, what are you waiting for?

Invest in high-quality water tanks today and start saving water one rainy day at a time! Get in touch with the team of professionals at Pioneer Plastics to determine the right size for your application. Call us right now!

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